One of Kobe Bryant’s 2012 masks goes up for auction


Kobemania has not gone away.

Kobe Bryant has retired, but one of the future Hall of Famers’ masks worn in 2012 after suffering a broken nose in the 2012 All-Star Game (thank you Dwyane Wade) will be auctioned off. We’re not sure who is doing the selling, but there are details in the sale.

A letter from a member of the Los Angeles Lakers training staff accompanies this lot that states the following:

“In order to make the mask, a molding of Kobe’s face had to be made. Kobe had to sit for several minutes while the mold was applied and hardened. Once the mold was created, the mask was formed.

There are more details on the mask. One of these previously sold for $67,000 and no doubt the owner is looking for similar money. Not to insult Kobe, but I have no idea why someone would pay that much for a mask. However, if you have that kind of disposable income it can be yours.