Kyrie Irving with off-the-backboard assists to LeBron James (that didn’t count)


It’s the preseason. And the Cavs were playing the Sixers. Cleveland should be having a little fun.

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving did, each scoring 15 points in less than 19 minutes on the court. And they had fun with the off-the-backboard dunk in transition during the second quarter.

Except, it didn’t count. Point guard T.J. McConnell threw the bad pass then stopped the break with a foul on LeBron out closer to half court, a foul often seen in Europe/international play to stop easy transition buckets. LeBron and Kyrie just played through it, but you can hear the whistle and see the Sixers players let up — and let the two Cavs stars have their fun.

Cleveland won the game 108-105 if you care. And why do you care who won a preseason game anyway?