76ers coach Brett Brown: Joel Embiid has ‘it’ factor like Tim Duncan did

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Expectations for Joel Embiid are already laughably high.

76ers coach Brett Brown, a former Spurs assistant, just turned the hype up to 11.

Brown, via Jessica Camerato of CSN Philly:

“You see him and he just has ‘it,’” Brown said. “Years ago, you saw it with [Tim] Duncan. I see it with him in regards to a real target offensively and a real sort of centerpiece defensively.”

Embiid has looked solid in the preseason after missing his first two pro seasons due to injury. Tim Duncan is one of the greatest players of all time.

Brown is either prophetic or WAY ahead of himself. Hopefully, Embiid stays healthy enough for us to find out.