Andrew Wiggins wants to posterize Joel Embiid

Getty Images

Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid were teammates at Kansas who went No. 1 and No. 3 in the 2014 draft — then have not played one game against each other in the NBA. Foot injuries have sidelined Embiid for two full seasons, he finally has gotten on the court a little this preseason.

Embiid already has a target on his back — Wiggins wants to dunk on him. From an interview on Fox Sports where Wiggins was asked who he wants to posterize:

My boy JoJo Embiid from the Sixers. I never got him (as teammates) in college; time to get him now.

Embiid is out there to protect the rim, which means he’s going to get dunked on now and again. Happens to everyone who actually tries on defense. Wiggins puts people in posters. This could happen.

If it does happen, the Sixers may be okay with it — that means Embiid is healthy, playing, and trying to protect the rim.

(Hat tip Eye on Basketball)