DeMarcus Cousins’ reaction to Kevin Durant on the Warriors is perfect

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Kevin Durant is a member of the Golden State Warriors. You don’t have to like it, we can theorize about ways this new superteam might go sideways and spin off the road, but in the end, we all know what is happening — they are clear-and-away the team to beat in the NBA, the title favorites. You watch them in the preseason and think, “How can they be guarded?” Ask yourself this: Who would you take to win the NBA title, Golden State or the field?

DeMarcus Cousins remains in Sacramento, which is only 90 miles from Oracle Arena but is an ocean away in terms of organizations. Ethan Sherwood Straus of ESPN caught Cousins’ reaction to Durant after the two teams played Thursday, and it was perfect.

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Cousins speaks for a lot of people here.