Jeff Van Gundy calls on NBA to enact two-tier suspension system for felony domestic abusers: one season, lifetime

Bob Levey/Getty Images

The NBA suspended Darren Collison eight games for domestic violence, which is fewer than the 24 games Jeff Taylor got.

There might be justifiable reasons for the difference, but former Knicks and Rockets coach and current NBA broadcaster Jeff Van Gundy wants the league to take a stronger stance.

It’s worth noting Collison and Taylor pleaded guilty to misdemeanor, not felony, domestic violence.

Van Gundy is right that domestic violence is a major problem that deserves more attention.

But is a professional sports league the right source for justice?

Should people twice convicted of felony domestic violence spend the rest their lives in prison or face the death penalty? If not, should they be allowed to hold jobs? Which jobs? If nobody should hire them, who pays for their basic needs?

It’s easy to get in fervor about combating domestic violence, and caring about the issue is a good place to start. But implementing logical solutions is more difficult.