Derrick Rose to play in Knicks preseason opener Tuesday, then fly to L.A. for trial

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Tuesday, the New York Knicks open their preseason in Houston.

Also Tuesday, the $21.5 million civil trial alleging Derrick Rose and two associates raped a woman opens in Los Angeles.

Rose will play for the Knicks Tuesday and at his trial by the time of opening statements, reports Stephan Bondy of the New York Daily News.

Both sides of the Rose trial have tried to sway public opinion with statements and revelations, to the point the judge issued a gag order to quiet things down. There had been rumors of a last-second settlement in the case, but that did not happen, and the jurors for the case are being selected Tuesday. The length of voir dire can vary, however, the trial itself is expected to start Thursday.

It is not known now long Rose will be away from the Knicks.

As a side note, Joakim Noah will be out of the Knicks preseason opener due to a hamstring issue.