Nick Collison says he got a text from Kevin Durant about move before it was announced

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There hasn’t been much communication between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in the wake of Durant’s decision to head West — Westbrook reportedly deleted the goodbye text from Durant.

Things seem a little better between Durant and Nick Collison, who have been teammates longer than KD and Russ. Collison told Hoopshype that he got a text before the announcement went public. He wasn’t thrilled, but he understands — and took the news better than Westbrook.

“He texted me… Well, first I heard that he was leaning that way and then he texted me that morning before he announced his decision….

“I was disappointed, for sure. We played together for a long time, we came a long way from where we started. So yeah, it’s disappointing. It’s always tough when teammates leave, that’s the way the business works. It was a different thing with Kevin because of how much time we spent together, and obviously because of the great player he is.”

I think Collison speaks for a lot of players in Oklahoma City. They get this is a business, they understand Durant had the right to go where he wanted, but it still stings. (Fans don’t want to see sports as a business, so they take these things more personally.)

The question now is how good will the Durant-less Thunder be? And will Westbrook put up MVP numbers?