Justin Holiday says brother Jrue’s focus on new baby, wife Lauren, not basketball. As it should be.

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Nobody knows when Jrue Holiday will return to the New Orleans Pelicans. Nobody is pressuring him to get back.

Holiday took leave from the Pelicans — with the team’s blessing — to be with his family: His pregnant wife Lauren was found to have a benign brain tumor. The baby has been born and is healthy, now Lauren — a World Cup and Olympic champion as part of the U.S. women’s national soccer team — will undergo surgery next month.

Jrue’s older brother Justin Holiday is a member of the Knicks on a one-year contract, and he spoke with the New York Post to give an update on Jrue and the family.

“He gets the night shift a lot so I’ve been FaceTiming, seeing the baby’s face changing,’’ Justin told The Post. “These days you have to have FaceTime. It’s like looking at my brother as a baby. The resemblance is amazing….

“His main focus is to be there to support his wife, take care of his child,’’ Justin said. “I don’t think basketball is coming across his mind right now. It’s not his main focus and shouldn’t be. I also think his team and everybody else supports his decision to do this, which has been a good thing. People were nagging him about it, but everybody’s been supportive. He’s handling his business as a father and husband.’’

Those should always be his priorities.

At some point this season Holiday likely returns to New Orleans to take over the point guard duties, but it should not be until he’s comfortable, and his family is in a situation where the travel and time away of an NBA season will not wear on them too much. Holiday needs to take his time, do this at his own pace.

Lauren and the Holiday family remain in our thoughts.