Kevin Durant on Stephen Curry shoes: ‘They were bad’


Sound the alarms. The Warriors have their first public dispute.

Put four stars – Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson – on a team, and they’ll argue about more than who’s best. They’ll cut into deeper issues.

Like shoes.

Joined by Durant and Nas on Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons, Simmons asked Nas his opinion of Curry’s shoes – the ones Curry defended as fire and most certainly were not fire. In fact, Simmons specifically said he couldn’t ask Durant the question.

Durant answered anyway:

They were bad.

The sneaker wars are an under-discussed element of Durant’s move to Golden State – especially because Durant (Nike) and Curry (Under Armour) are each so intertwined with the other company. Durant agreed to a massive Under Armour contract in 2014, but Nike exercised its matching rights to keep him. Curry, a former Nike endorser, left for Under Armour after Nike botched its presentation by leaving Durant’s name on a slide.

Through Curry, Under Armour rode the Warriors’ rapidly increasing popularity. Now, Durant has Nike cutting into the action.

On one hand, Durant made a dig several had made before. On the other hand, he’s disparaging a product designed to make Curry and his corporate partner a lot of money – while working with a competing company.

Curry and Durant are teammates in Golden State. They’re competitors in the shoe industry. That can create a real tension.

I really doubt this causes their bond to snap, but it also might seem like more than a harmless joke to some involved.