Dwyane Wade encourages Chris Bosh to put family first

Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

Dwyane Wade said he was praying for Chris Bosh to play again.

In light of the Heat not clearing Bosh due to a medical complication, Wade has another message for his former teammate.

Wade, via Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press:

It’s admirable Bosh wants to keep playing. Anyone who questioned his toughness during Miami’s contending years should feel silly (and should’ve felt silly then, honestly).

But there are more important things than basketball. It might be difficult for Bosh to consider that as he’s entangled in this struggle to play again, but reminders from friends like Wade can only help to give Bosh perspective.

Bosh continuing to play basketball just might not be safe. The Heat seem to project that, and it’s fair to question whether they honestly believe it or are influenced by wanting Bosh’s salary off their books. But Bosh must also honestly ask himself how far he’ll go for basketball.