Mo Williams says he’ll return to Cavaliers, retire after season

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Mo Williams opted into the final year of his contract and then reportedly considered retirement without telling the Cavaliers about his intentions.

It seems he just revealed them.


Chris Haynes of

Williams will provide the Cavs with a veteran option behind Kyrie Irving at point guard. This way, they won’t be stuck with relying on rookie Kay Felder if the No. 54 pick isn’t ready to join a contender’s rotation.

Unfortunately for Cleveland, Williams might not provide steady production himself. The 33-year-old couldn’t sustain his early success last season after multiple injures.

Williams is due $2,194,500 this season. I don’t think this is the case, but if he is trying to extract a buyout from the Cavaliers by threatening to grind through the year rather than preemptively retiring (which would take his salary off the books), this could be a step. They need to believe he’d play to pay him a partial salary in a buyout. Again, I take Williams at his word about playing another season. It’s just hard to square his reported lack of communication with the team prior.

And though I believe Williams intends to retire after the season, next June is a long way off. He wouldn’t have to look far to find someone who changed his mind about retirement.