Kevin Durant blows off narrative that he’s weak for choosing Golden State


Kevin Durant earned the right to be a free agent. He fulfilled his contract, he spent nine years in Oklahoma City. Durant wanted a change, and he found a working environment he wanted more in Golden State, so he jumped at it. He made a change we all have the right to make.

But the spin that came out of it — from Oklahoma City, from fans around the nation that have never met Durant — was that he was weak. That he was easily influenced by the people around him. That he was taking the easy way to a title. As if there is an easy way to a title. Like LeBron James going to Miami, it’s amazing how some people flip out when players use their power and assert control over their own destinies — nobody complains about the superteams that were the Showtime Lakers or Michael Jordan’s Bulls because white guys in suits put those teams together, but if players do it…

Durant was on Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons on HBO this week and pushed back against the narrative that he is weak, saying it was a no-win situation for him to try and fight it, he’d get called thin-skinned if he did. Durant knew he’d just have to roll with it. Watch the clip with him and Nas above to hear it in KD’s words.