Knicks, not Warriors or Cavs, have seen the most Vegas bets to win 2017 NBA title


On Tuesday, the influential Las Vegas sports book WestGate released their official over/under win totals for all 30 NBA teams. Most of their projections weren’t too surprising. They pegged the Knicks’ over/under at 38.5, which seems reasonable considering New York added some big names this summer but hasn’t made the playoffs since 2013. But it’s the Knicks, not the Warriors, Cavaliers or Spurs, that have seen the most action thus far to win the 2017 title, according to’s Dan Purdum:

The Warriors, however, haven’t attracted the most overall bets to win the championship. At the SuperBook, more bets have been placed on the 80-1 longshot New York Knicks than any other team.

This seems flatly insane. Even the most optimistic prediction for the Knicks’ season has them a playoff team but certainly nowhere near a title contender. But they’ve been getting more bets than the Warriors or Cavs, which is just lighting money on fire.