LeBron James and family were at Rams’ return to Los Angeles, fans start “Kobe” chant

Getty Images

The place to be in Los Angeles Sunday was downtown at the Los Angeles Coliseum, where the Los Angeles Rams played their first home game in that building since “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” was on top of the Billboard charts.

LeBron James was there with his family — and Rams owner Sam Kroenke (who used to own the Denver Nuggets, but had to turn the team over to his wife and son because of conflicts owning an NBA and NFL team, plus having the Colorado Avalanche).

When LeBron walked out to the sidelines, he was reminded what basketball star still owns Los Angeles.

The Rams are a big hit in Los Angeles, and while their offense appears to have been lost in the move from St. Louis, the defense was good enough to get the Rams a 9-3 win over the Seahawks on Sunday.