Kristaps Porzingis has been working on post game in preparation for triangle role


Jeff Hornacek’s offensive plan for the Knicks reportedly goes something like this: Get out and run, play faster, but when they get in the half court they want to use the triangle offense as the basis of their sets. (Which isn’t that far off what Tex Winter said when drawing up the offense, one of his seven principles was to play fast and get points before the defense sets.)

Where does that leave Kristaps Porzingis? In the post, so the 7’3″ second-year player been working on that part of his game he told ESPN’s Ian Begley.

“If that’s what the coaches want, I’ll play in the post. I feel more and more comfortable everyday because I’ve been working on my post game and getting stronger,” he said. “So If that’s what they want me to do, if that’s where they see me more effective, then I’ll do that. But it just depends on how we’re better — from me shooting more from the outside or getting in more.”

Porzingis’ size and skill should make him a decent post player, but with his high center of gravity strong players may be able to root him out of an ideal position. It’s going to be a challenge for Porzingis.

With his outside shooting, he is more dangerous setting high picks because he can pop out and space the floor, and he’s been working on being a bigger threat there, too.

“Pick-and-roll situations, pick-and-pop, guys are going to expect me to pop, and then I can roll and then switch it up. And it’s going to be really good,” he said, adding that he and Hornacek have talked in detail about the offense. “I’m sure they’re going to put me in a situation where I can be effective for the team.”

The Knicks offense this season is going to be interesting. Will there be a pick-and-roll chemistry between Porzingis and Derrick Rose? Will Rose and Carmelo Anthony stall ball movement in the offense as they look for theirs? How does Joakim Noah fit in all of this?

There is the potential for a dangerous offense in New York, but Hornacek is going to have to get buy in. And with all that talent, he needs to make sure Porzingis gets the rock a lot — that’s the future.