DeAndre Jordan shows up at Chris Paul youth event. What rift?

AP Photo

Two summers ago, when DeAndre Jordan was almost leaving for Los Angeles for Dallas, there was a lot of talk about a rift between Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan. The athletic big man reportedly felt like the third wheel with CP3 and Blake Griffin, that he was not seen as a viable part of the of the offense.

After Jordan returned the Clippers, the two have worked to dispel that rumor.

That includes an event recently in Los Angeles, as described by Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe.

The rumors of Clippers guard Chris Paul and center DeAndre Jordan having any issues were dispelled when they participated together in a court refurbishing at the Boys & Girls Club in Carson, Calif. Paul originally was supposed to dedicate the court by himself, but Jordan made a surprise appearance and the two teamed up with students, who were assigned to use their computers to answer trivia questions. Paul and Jordan went on to participate in a clinic along with former Clipper Lamond Murray.

This is going to be a big season for the Clippers. One reason is that with Kevin Durant leaving Oklahoma City, the Clippers are now likely the third best team in the West (behind Golden State and San Antonio), and this may be their best chance to break out of the second round.

Beyond that, Paul and Griffin will be free agents next summer, and they need to do enough to keep them in house.

The relationship between the big three — where the ultra-competitive Paul may wear on them at times — can’t get in the way of that if they plan to take a step forward.