Udonis Haslem will “damn sure try” to make sure he and Dwyane Wade finish their careers together

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With Dwyane Wade gone to Chicago and Chris Bosh‘s health status up in the air, the longest-standing remaining member of the Heat’s big-three era roster is Udonis Haslem. He and Wade are still extremely close, having won three championships together, and Haslem hasn’t given up hope that he and Wade will ultimately play together again — preferably in Miami.

From Manny Navarro of the Miami Herald:

So is there a realistic chance Haslem and Wade could be reunited?

“I’m going to damn sure try,” Haslem told me. “I mean, I don’t know. I guess I’ve got to wait until next summer to see how that goes. But, I never give up without a fight. So there’s ain’t no time to start now.”

Would Haslem consider leaving the Heat to do so?

“I didn’t say that,” Haslem said. “I was thinking more him of him coming here. I never said that. I won’t ever say that. When I said play with him again, I never said leave.

“He’s trying to sell his house down here. I might just buy it and hold it for him.”

It’s hard to imagine how Wade could end up back in a Heat uniform, though, at this point. He and Pat Riley still haven’t communicated since Wade left. And that was more than two months ago.

The idea of Wade back in Miami seems far-fetched now, but so did the idea of LeBron James going back to Cleveland after The Decision and Dan Gilbert’s infamous open letter. There’s plenty of time to mend fences.