Steven Adams on Kevin Durant leaving Thunder for Warriors: ‘If he’s happy, all good’

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Kevin Durant‘s former Thunder teammates were reportedly bothered by some aspects of how he left for the Warriors.

None are saying it publicly.

Russell Westbrook downplayed any beef (and Durant said they’re still cool). Anthony Morrow said he didn’t feel betrayed. And now Steven Adams is wishing Durant well.

Adams, via Erik Horne of The Oklahoman:

“It was a surprise, mate, but yeah … oh well,” Adams shrugged. “If he’s happy, all good.”

I’d be surprised if there weren’t more lingering resentment privately – or maybe we just haven’t heard yet from the most-aggrieved Thunder players.

But I also tend to think players tend to give other players the benefit of the doubt. They understand what it’s like to live that life.

Still, if Markieff Morris can be so mad about Durant leaving, at least some Oklahoma City players can be somewhat bitter. At minimum, I bet they’ll work themselves into a fervor when they play Golden State.