Report: Spurs expect Tim Duncan to join franchise full-time

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Spurs are still paying a retired Tim Duncan $1,881,250 each of the next three years.

Maybe he’ll actually earn those checks at some point.

Buck Harvey of the San Antonio Express-News:

Most in the organization think Duncan will eventually join the franchise in a full-time capacity. They guess he won’t coach but will instead focus on personnel. Duncan has long been intrigued by the methods that Popovich and Buford use to identify talent.

Duncan has at times disagreed with their decisions only to be proven wrong. He’s curious why.

Duncan was an all-time great player, in large part due to his sky-high basketball intelligence. That could definitely translate to player evaluation and scouting.

Becoming a successful talent assessor requires hard work, and if Duncan is up for it, I’d absolutely tap his skills. If he wants a less intense ceremonial role, I’d accommodate that, too.

Duncan has already done so much for San Antonio – leading the team to five championships and taking pay cuts that ushered in the next era. If he helps identify new talent, that’d just a cherry on top.