Stephen Curry on Warriors: “we all think, you know, we’re the best player”

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The question isn’t “do the Warriors have enough talent on the roster to win another NBA title?”

The question is “will all those egos make the sacrifices necessary to win an NBA title?”

Because if they do not, we know the Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs will make those sacrifices.

To a man, the Warriors have said there will be a transition period, but they are not worried. That they will put their egos aside to win. Stephen Curry said that again during a Silicone Valley tech event, as reported by Ananth Pandian of

“It’s going to work,” Curry said about the addition of Durant during a private fundraiser at TechCrunch Disrupt on Tuesday for the Africa-based malaria-prevention campaign Nothing but Nets he works with. “It’s going to be a huge transition. But I would say we had such a great dynamic with the ‘Strength in Numbers’ and the depth that we had on our team and obviously we had to give up a lot of that to get KD, so it will be a different way of going about our style.

“There are plenty of shots to go around,” Curry continued. “There are plenty of opportunities for everybody to shine. And obviously for us, we have healthy egos and that we all think, you know, we’re the best player, we’re confident when we go out there. But the only real objective is to win and if we don’t win, we know what that feeling’s like now and we don’t want that feeling.

“It will work. It will take some time to get in training camp to figure out.”

The Warriors on the roster — Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, etc. — have made those sacrifices before and figured it out. They have a title and back-to-back Finals trips to show for it. But this will be different in style as Durant likes the ball in his hands, too. Plus he can work well on the wing or in the post (people underestimate just how good a post player KD is). It’s going to mean fewer touches, fewer points for everyone.

It’s easy to say you’ll figure it out and make the sacrifices. More than one team has stumbled on the execution.

The Warriors are still and should be the favorites to win the NBA title. This is a league where talent wins out the majority of the time, and they have the most talent. But their margin for error is small.