Sacramento Kings create DeMarcus Cousins in Madden and he’s a beast

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Officially, DeMarcus Cousins is 6’11” and 270 pounds. He’s strong, he’s agile, and he plays the game with a raw aggression in the post. The only thing that can slow him down is FIBA referees.

So for national video games day, the Sacramento Kings social media team decided to create Cousins in Madden 17, and make him a running back for the Raiders. And he is a beast.

Earl Cambell, eat your heart out.

If you feel like spoiling the fun and noting that in real life this wouldn’t work (Cousins’ center of gravity is too high), or that he’s doing this against the Saints defense and you or I could run for 100 yards and three TDs against them, just keep it to yourself. We’re having fun here.