Former 76ers GM Sam Hinkie takes to Twitter, tries to endear himself to fans and critics

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Sam Hinkie was reportedly “mortified” his bloviating and interesting 13-page resignation letter became public. He totally wrote that for only the 76ers owners, yes sir. It was them and them only he intended to tell, “If you need to reach me— now or later—I am available at [redacted] and I suspect someday soon on Twitter via @samhinkie.”

In a shocking turn of events to Hinkie, more than just a handful of 76ers owners awaited his tweets.

Those began today:

If you’re a Hinkie hater, he’s trying to tell you he’s athletic and actually watches the games. Got it?

If you’re an unabashed fan of his, gather that he’s still fully invested in the cult of Silicon Valley and intellectual enough to teach at Stanford. In other words, he’s light years ahead.