Tyronn Lue says Allen Iverson can coach with him

Getty Images

When we think of Tyronn Lue and Allen Iverson together, we picture only one thing, Game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals (unfortunately for Lue):

Iverson and Lue are now friends. During Allen Iverson’s brilliant Hall of Fame speech, Lue told a little story about calling out to Lue the following season, when Lue got a $5 million contract with Washington.

“And I said, ‘The only reason you got that little, $5 million a year is for running around after me.’ And the man looked at me and said what I would have said: ‘Thank you!’ And we’ve been (close) like this ever since.”

Iverson also said that point guards make the best coaches because they have to think the game. So when Lue recently tried to walk through LAX and got ambushed by a TMZ cameraman, he got asked if Iverson could be a coach.

Lue’s response: “He can come coach with me.” (Fast forward to 1:08 in the video)


Not sure Iverson has the personality to be a full-time NBA assistant, but he could drop in for a day at Cavaliers camp and it would be a lot of fun.