Kevin Durant says he and Russell Westbrook are “still cool”


When Russell Westbrook signed a contract extension with the Thunder, about a month after Kevin Durant left in free agency to join the Warriors, Westbrook told reporters the two hadn’t talked since Durant’s decision. Maybe that’s happened since then, because according to Durant (speaking at an event at his alma mater of Texas), they’re still on good terms.

Via Eric Horne of The Oklahoman:

At a Nike event at the University of Texas in Austin on Friday, Kevin Durant was asked about his relationship with Russell Westbrook.

Said Durant: “We’re still cool. We’re going to compete against each other at the highest level. We’re gonna have fun against each other. We’re still cool.”

Either they’ve talked in the past month, or Durant’s perception of their relationship is very different from Westbrook’s. Either way, their first matchup against each other this season is going to be epic.