Pistons assistant Tim Hardaway pleads no contest to drunken driving


Pistons assistant coach and former Heat/Warriors star Tim Hardaway was charged with drunken driving for an April incident.

John Wisely of the Detroit Free Press:

Detroit Pistons assistant coach Tim Hardaway faces up to six months in jail after pleading no contest Thursday to violating Michigan’s so-called “super-drunk” driving law.

Hardaway refused a breath test, so officers obtained a search warrant to draw a blood sample. It showed Hardaway’s blood-alcohol content to be 0.17%, more than double the legal limit, and enough to trigger the super-drunk provision of the law, which includes tougher penalties.

“The man is 50 years old and never been in trouble in his life,” Ribitwer said. “It was an aberration, and he took responsibility for it.”

Expect the NBA to impose a suspension. If Hardaway finds a way to and from The Palace, he’ll serve it with the Pistons.