Phil Jackson says Kurt Rambis first suggested Jeff Hornacek as Knicks coach, which is just start of the spin

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Phil Jackson seemingly wanted to hire his friend Kurt Rambis as the Knicks’ non-interim head coach.

With that opportunity of a lifetime in front of him, what did Rambis do? Suggest Jeff Hornacek, who ultimately got the job.

At least that’s what Jackson says.

Jackson, via Charley Rosen of Today’s Fastbreak:

It was Kurt Rambis who first suggested Jeff. They had played together in Phoenix for several seasons so Kurt had a good read on Jeff.

Yeah, right. This reeks of Jackson trying to frame Rambis’ demotion as admirable rather than the necessary upgrade to a better coach.

If that weren’t enough…

Jackson, via Rosen:

After Jeff retired, he was still living in Phoenix but accepted a job as Utah’s shooting coach. Whenever he could, Jeff would commute from Phoenix to Salt Lake City so he could spend as much time as possible with his family. So, his being such a devoted family man was another thing that impressed me.

Jackson knows something about working in one city while his personal life is tied to another place. So does former Knicks coach Derek Fisher.

But Hornacek was initially just a part-time shooting coach with the Jazz. He delayed becoming a full-time assistant coach until his kids were older, so he wouldn’t have to compromise his family life or job.

Jackson took a full-time job with the Knicks – at least in theory. If Jackson is trying to compare his work ethic/personal travel to Hornacek, it doesn’t hold up.