Ben Gordon hopes for one more shot in NBA


Two seasons ago, Ben Gordon was coming off the bench for the Orlando Magic in his 11th NBA season, but his skills had been in decline, and the team didn’t pick up the option on the second year of his deal. Last season he got an invite to the Golden State Warriors camp, but he was the first guy cut in training camp. He didn’t catch on with another NBA team.

This summer Gordon has been playing for Great Brittain in the EuroBasket qualifying rounds, and he told he’d like another shot in the NBA, but understands he may be playing this season in Europe.

“I’m open to any contract offers, obviously the NBA is my main goal but if the offer in the EuroLeague is good, it will be a great opportunity for me,” Gordon said to TalkBasket.

“End of the day though, I’m just going to look at my options and evaluate what’s best for me and if it falls in the NBA or the EuroLeague or elsewhere, then I’ll head there.”

Gordon may need to play in Europe (or China, or somewhere overseas) to prove to NBA scouts that he could handle an NBA comeback. He is 33, and his skills were showing decline a couple of seasons ago — plus he was seen as a guy battling injuries but quitting on the Bobcats the season before that. Gordon can shoot the three but is seen as a gunner, and a growingly inefficient one at that.

Maybe if he goes to Europe and proves those perceptions wrong he can get another shot. Or, maybe he could just enjoy the time in a different culture with a someone different style of basketball, and make a few more bucks before he hangs it all up.