Doc Rivers thinks Kevin Garnett will come back for 22nd season to teach Timberwolves


Officially, the status of Kevin Garnett is up in the air. He has an $8 million contract for this season, but he has considered whether it is time to hang it up and walk away.

Doc Rivers — who coached KG in Boston — thinks Garnett has one more year in him. Mostly because he loves teaching the young Timberwolves.

Here is what Rivers said recently while in Boston, as reported by Chris Forsberg of ESPN.

“I think Kevin — and I know it, because I talk to him — loves the young guys on his team,” Rivers said. “He loves how they work. He thinks they have an old-school mentality. So I think he’s really gotten into Kevin, the teacher. And I honestly never saw that coming, either. Yet he was a phenomenal teacher with [Boston]; I just didn’t think he would have the patience to do it. And I think Kevin loves teaching these young guys.”

Karl-Anthony Towns will tell anyone who cares to listen that Garnett is his mentor, and the two have formed a real bond. Garnett is the perfect teacher for the But there is other young talent on that team — Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn, and more — who can learn from what KG has to offer.

Garnett has had conversations with owner Glen Taylor, coach Tom Thibodeau, and others in the organization, but out of respect they are giving him space to make his call at his own pace. Although, with training camp starting in about three weeks, there is a bit of a deadline approaching.

If KG enjoys the team as much as others say, expect him back for one more run. Which is good news for a young and growing team.