After signing two-year deal with Spurs, Pau Gasol says it’s unlikely he ends career with Barcelona


Before he came to the NBA, Pau Gasol played a couple of seasons with FC Barcelona in his home city, leading the team to the Spanish National Cup championship (he was named MVP). There was a dream of some in Spain that after his NBA career ended, Gasol would come back to play for Barcelona again for a couple more seasons.

That’s not likely now, according to Gasol himself.

Gasol just signed a two-year deal to fill Tim Duncan’s spot in the rotation (but not his shoes with the organization) in San Antonio. With that, Gasol says he doesn’t see a return to Spain, as quoted by Spanish publication Marca. (Translation via Google translate)

“By still playing in the NBA my chances of returning to Barcelona are reduced. It’s a nice idea … but less and less possible,” he said of a hypothetical return to the ABC League.

If Gasol’s NBA options had not included walking right into a title contender — and a team that seems a perfect fit for his style — would he have seriously considered a return to Barcelona? Probably. Gasol is a cultured renaissance man who loves much of what his home town has to offer in terms of lifestyle.

But the question is moot, San Antonio was poised and that is likely where Gasol ends his NBA career.