Another report that no, the Cavaliers have no intention of trading Kevin Love


One would think that winning a title would mean a summer off from blockbuster, time to blow up this roster rumors.

Not for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Despite the forces of logic and repeated denials, there have been rumors floating all summer about the Cavaliers trading Kevin Love. Those rumors are unfounded. Another report along those lines has surfaced via Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Once again, there are some silly trade rumors. I’ve been told since the middle of last season the Cavs have no intention of trading Love. And the same is true after the title.

Had the Cavs collapsed in the playoffs, certainly a trade of Love or almost anyone not named LeBron James would have been possible. But the goal for General Manager David Griffin has been to “bring back the band,” as he’s called it several times. Love is not going anywhere as the training camp looms late in September.

Yes, Love had his struggles matching up with the Warriors in the Finals. However, he was out there on the court in key moments — and was making huge defensive plays.

This is a guy who averaged 16 points and 9.9 rebounds a game, plus stretches the floor with his shooting and is a gifted passer. Trade Love and the Cavaliers do not get equal value back. They get worse. They just won an NBA title, so why exactly would they do this? The GM wants to keep the core together, and it’s hard to blame him.

Logic has little to do with trade rumors, but this one is particularly ill-conceived. Hopefully it dies soon.