Andre Drummond has focused on conditioning this season


The Detroit Pistons are a team a lot of people are watching and expecting to make a leap this season. How big a leap is an interesting question, but they should step forward.

Making a leap starts with the little things. Foundational things. Such as conditioning.

Andre Drummond told the Detroit Free Press he’d spent his summer focusing on conditioning and the little things.

“I’ve had a very productive summer,’’ he said. “A lot of workouts. A lot of conditioning, I’ve been working on this summer. I stayed in the best shape I could be in. I’ve been working on the little things that need to be better in my game. Other than that, it has been a very eventful summer, and I’m ready for the season to start….

“At the end of the season, that was one of the biggest things we talked about: coming back in the best shape we can be in,’’ Drummond said. “All of the guys have really worked towards being in the best shape they can be in to play in those long, brutal playoff games.’’

Training camp hasn’t even opened yet. This is when optimism reigns, when everyone touts the hard work they put in all summer, when everyone is healthy.

We will see as the season wears on if Drummond and the Pistons’ hard work paid off. But like most Stan Van Gundy teams, I expect they will be prepared.