Stephen Curry’s used mouthguard sold for $3,190 in auction


Are you a huge Stephen Curry fan? Do you want to own a piece of game-worn memorabilia? What if I told you that you could own a piece of memorabilia from Curry’s historic MVP season that’s both gross and too ugly to display anywhere? Well, according to’s Darren Rovell, a fan purchased a game-used Steph Curry mouthguard for $3,190 in an auction over the weekend:

A Stephen Curry mouthguard found by a fan at a Golden State Warriors road game in December was sold for $3,190 on Sunday morning in an online auction.

California-based SCP Auctions handled the sale. In June, SCP vice president Dan Imler said he expected the mouthguard to sell for at least $5,000.

Whoever bought it now owns a mouthguard with someone else’s dried saliva all over it. Have fun with that.