Report: J.J. Hickson signs deal to play in China

Getty Images

J.J. Hickson was a solid reserve big man in the NBA who started in Cleveland and looked like he should be a good pick-and-pop big but — outside a couple of stretches — never actually shot the ball well enough to pull it off. He got most of his shots right at the rim. After an ACL injury robbed him of half a step and his shooting numbers sank, he struggled to get on the court. Last season he started in Denver, was waived, then spent some time in Washington. He averaged 12.5 minutes and 5.9 points a game last season in his stops.

This summer there wasn’t much interest in him from NBA teams, so he is headed to China, reports David Pick.

Maybe there, where his lack of defense is less of an issue, he can find his shot and game again, then catch on with an NBA team at the end of next season (the Chinese season ends in March). Don’t be shocked if his name comes up as a late season addition somewhere.