Jeremy Lin on his summer: “My number 1 priority by far is my jump shot”


Jeremy Lin‘s game always has been about the pressure he can create on a defense in transition or coming off the pick-and-roll — he gets to the rim aggressively and can finish fairly well. However, make him a jump shooter and he struggles. Lin took 31 percent of his shots from three last season and hit a decent but not great 33 percent of them. He doesn’t shoot much better in the midrange — mid-30 percent from just about anywhere.

This lack of a consistent jumper isn’t a secret — to him or his defenders. However, it’s something Lin is trying to fix as he heads to the Nets next season as a primary ball handler at the point. From Lin’s personal blog:

So this summer, my number 1 priority by far is my jump shot. Working on all types of jump shots: catch-and-shoot 3’s, off-the-dribble 3’s, mid-range jumpers, iso jumpers. I’ve always had a knack for attacking the rim, finishing or getting to the free throw line, but if I am able to really consistently hit shots from the outside, it would take my game to a whole new level. I’ve changed my form, brought my release lower and made the motion smoother in hopes of making it more consistent, creating a quicker release and using less energy so on nights when I’m tired I can still shoot it well. I’ve also been working on my floaters and change of pace game because as I get older, I will rely less and less on my athleticism.

That’s a guy in the gym doing the right things.

Will it translate to the court? Good question. The number of players who say they gain/lose weight in the summer, improve their post game, or sharpen their jumper vs. the number of players who show that in the fall is a dramatic reduction. Lin has put in the work, but we need to see it to believe it.

If he did, the Nets got a steal this season and next.