Kevin Durant says he plays his best when he doesn’t worry about game’s outcome

Associated Press

Life comes with a lot of gray areas. Sports are somewhat cleaner that way — teams, coaches, and players get judged on outcomes. There is a big scoreboard at the end of the stadium that says who won and who lost. No gray area there.

Athletes become driven by that outcome — Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Bill Russell, Jerry West, and many of the other top NBA players ever were known for their insane competitiveness and drive to win every game.

Kevin Durant is competitive, but he told Jeff Zillgitt of the USA Today he plays his best when he doesn’t worry about the outcome.

“I told myself before I left my room, I’m at my best if I don’t care if we win or lose,” Durant said. “It might be different for other players. But for me, I’m more free and aggressive, and it’s way more fun for me if I don’t care about the outcome. I know if I go out there and be who I am, the outcome will dictate itself.”

 He will get ripped by some on Twitter/in the comments for this, but three thoughts:
First, this is just an extension of the “process over outcome” that coaches talk about all the time. Do things the right way and don’t worry about the outcome because it will take care of itself.
Second, do what works for you. Durant is one of the best pure scorers on the planet, a former NBA MVP, and if he plays his best thinking this way, then think this way.
Finally, before you say “but he doesn’t care about winning” explain to me why he just left Oklahoma City for Golden State to have a better chance to win.
Whatever motivates him, Team USA needs the scoring machine Kevin Durant to show up for the game against Spain Friday in the Rio Olympics. He’s the best player in Rio on any team, the USA needs him to play like it.