Michael Malone says his family hasn’t worn purple since Kings fired him

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Michael Malone has taken the high road since the Kings ridiculously fired him in 2014.

But Malone, who now coaches the Nuggets, might be just a little bitter.

Malone on The Lowe Post podcast, as transcribed by AJ Neuharth-Keusch of USA Today:

“I have not (worn purple since the firing),” Malone said recently on an ESPN podcast. “And what I really love about that is I haven’t, it’s my wife’s favorite color, she hasn’t, and my daughters haven’t. It’s almost become taboo, forbidden in our household.”

“It’s really funny though,” Malone continued. “I had a bunch of purple ties and stuff, because you try to work in your home colors, but I think I donated them to the national suit drive last year.”

If his wife stopped wearing her favorite color, that’s serious support – FAR more than Malone ever got from ungrateful and unaware Sacramento ownership.