LeBron James included Godfather III in playoff binge

Vince Bucci/Getty Images

LeBron James is known for tuning out social media during the playoffs.

How does he fill the time?


He reportedly repeatedly watched “The Godfather” to get in the right mindset during the 2016 postseason, but that report didn’t reveal which of the three films. Now, LeBron elaborates.

LeBron, via the Open Run podcast:

Watching The Godfather one, two and three. As much as people say three shouldn’t have been made, whatever. It’s a part of the trilogy.

I joked LeBron must have watched “The Godfather: Part III” before Games 1 and 2 of the Finals. Maybe there was truth to that.

Godfather III is trash, and I seriously question LeBron’s judgment now.

If he cuts it from his rotation, the Cavaliers might go Fo’, Fo’, Fo’, Fo’ next year.