LeBron James gives J.R. Smith an assists on Finals-altering block


LeBron James helped the Cavaliers capture the 2016 NBA championship with a legacy-defining block of Andre Iguodala in the final minutes of Game 7.

LeBron has rightfully been exalted for the chase-down play, an incredible feat of athleticism and timing on the biggest stage.

But LeBron is sharing the credit with J.R. Smith.

LeBron, via the Open Run podcast:

I always tell J.R. and Shump and Kyrie and all our guards, if you see me running, if you can just make the offensive player just change his momentum just a little bit, it’ll give me enough time to track it. It’ll give me enough time to track it down.

Buy me a second. If you look at the play, J.R. swung over top, and Iguodala had to scrunch just a little bit instead of going up and jamming. And he had to scrunch just a little bit, and that gave me the split second to either – and I was ready.

In related news: Smith – who shares an agent, Rich Paul, with LeBron – remains a free agent.