USA remains overwheming betting favorite to win men’s basketball gold medal


USA basketball fans have reason to be a little concerned as the Rio Olympics basketball tournament heads into the win-or-go-home tournament phase. Not a ton of concern, but some is justified.

Betters have fewer concerns.

Team USA remains the overwhelming favorite to win gold in Rio, according to online betting site Bovada.

Here are the gold odds for the eight teams in the tournament.

USA 1/20
Spain 14/1
Australia 20/1
Lithuania 22/1
Serbia 22/1
France 28/1
Croatia 33/1
Argentina 40/1

To be clear, that means if you bet $100 on the USA to win the gold, you would win $5 (plus your bet back). That’s a lot of risk for not much reward. No smart gambler is going to make that bet.

The smart money might be on Spain, which after a couple of unimpressive games has dominated in their last couple games in Rio (but next they face a fierce rival in France). Australia and Lithuania have had their moments and have real talent as well.

Still, betting against the USA just doesn’t seem wise. Instead donate that money to a local food bank, where it can do some good, rather than making some casino owner wealthier.