Carmelo Anthony addresses critics in Instagram post (PHOTO)


Thus far, elder statesman Carmelo Anthony has been carrying Team USA in the group stage of the Olympics. But he’s also drawn some criticism for recent comments that he would be satisfied with his basketball career even if he never wins an NBA championship. Anthony took to Instagram over the weekend to share a photo of himself with LeBron James addressed at people criticizing those comments.

ME: I’m bout to go off
Bron: Chill, Chill don’t do it
Me: Why Not?
Bron: Bc, they don’t even know the context of your answer or the question.
Me: So, they could just get away with this?
Me: Corny, B
Bron: StayMe7o

Anthony, at this point in his career, doesn’t have much patience for people misinterpreting his quotes, something he made clear.