Andrew Bogut’s left knee, injured in Finals, causes him to sit out Australia win over China


Australia didn’t need Andrew Bogut on the court to beat China on Friday. They won’t need him to beat Venezuela in their final game of group play, either.

Which is good, because he needs a little time off to rest his left knee. Bogut suffered a bone bruise to the left knee during the NBA Finals when J.R. Smith ran into him (it was one of the turning points of the series).

Not surprisingly, that has flared up a little.

You can be sure Mark Cuban is in favor of this rest.

The Aussies can rest Bogut until next week, but they will want him for the knockout stage/medal rounds. With a win over Venezuela, Australia would come in second in its group to the USA, meaning they would be on the other side of the bracket and could avoid the Americans until the gold medal game (if they advance). Australia and Lithuania have looked like the two best teams in the tournament so far (outside of the USA), although both Spain and France have talented rosters and could put a run together.