Stephen Curry is golfing with President Obama on Martha’s Vineyard

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Stephen Curry isn’t in Rio right now, he wanted to make sure his body got healthy and enough rest after a long NBA season. Which is both his right and probably the mature move.

That doesn’t mean his should just be sitting at his home eating bonbons. He’s got the time to fit in some golf. With the president. On Martha’s Vineyard.

This is the second year in a row Curry has golfed with the president while both were on vacation. Curry told NBC Sports last year that it is a surreal experience to play with the Commander in Chief, trying to play a round while guys in suits with automatic weapons are watching.

“I got there about an hour early and there were people going off the first tee like every 10 minutes, like a normal course does,” Curry said. “Then about 20 minutes before the president showed up there was his motorcade of cars, it was basically a ghost town. The Secret Service was in full effect making sure everyone was safe. I’m sure it was the safest golf course in America that day.”

No word on who won the round at Farm Neck Golf Club, although the smart money is on Curry (who is almost a scratch golfer). One thing we know for sure, smack was talked.