Kevin Durant says he’s happy for Russell Westbrook – and any player who does what he wants

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Kevin Durant said he wasn’t ready to directly congratulate Russell Westbrook for signing a renegotiation-and-extension with the Thunder.

But Durant expressed broader well wishes.

Durant, via Michael Lee of Yahoo Sports:

“I’m happy to see any player in this league do whatever they want to do,” Durant said. “As long as he wasn’t pressured to do anything and felt like he did everything he wanted to do. And that’s how I feel about every player in this league. It’s good for him, man. It’s good for his family. It’s good for the people in Oklahoma City that love to watch him play and love to have him on their team.

“I got nothing but positive energy and vibes for everybody. I don’t have no beef with anybody or wish no ill will on anybody. So if he did what he wanted to do, that’s better. That’s great for him.”

This, barely veiled, is the argument for accepting Durant’s move to the Warriors.

Westbrook wanted to stay with Oklahoma City? Great.

Durant wanted to leave Oklahoma City? Great.

Players should have reasonable autonomy over their careers. It doesn’t matter how they exercise their collectively bargained rights. It matters just that can do so.

Durant is clearly still on the defensive, and he’s trying to fit Westbrook’s decision into his narrative.

Westbrook might spin it differently.

Really, both can be correct – but the first public battle between these former teammates is apparently over framing.