Devin Booker says he hopes to spend entire career in Phoenix


In reality, it is highly unlikely Devin Booker will spend his entire career wearing a Phoenix Suns’ uniform. At some point, it likely will make sense for them to consider trading him, and if they don’t there is a good chance at some point he will leave as a free agent. That is the way of the NBA — Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan are anomalies.

But nobody wants to talk about that.

So when SLAM asked Booker about the future, of course he said he hopes to spend his entire career in Phoenix — he wants to go into the Suns’ “Ring of Honor.”

“Definitely,” he answers, without hesitation. “I love it in Phoenix and I want to be one of those guys that gets drafted by one team and stays there the whole time. You know, they turn around the franchise, and they get love for that in that city like they’re the mayor…People still wear Steve Nash jerseys here. That’s definitely something I want to be.”

Booker averaged 13.8 points per game for the Suns last season, shot 34 percent from three, and looked like one of the better rookies in the NBA last season. He’s going to be a quality two guard in the NBA. He tore up Summer League in Las Vegas, averaging 26 points per game, then he went on to work out with the USA Select Team that practiced against the Olympians in Vegas. Through it all, you could see Booker’s game grow and improve.

There’s a lot to like, and a lot of reasons for Suns fans to be optimistic about what Booker will bring to the franchise for years to come. The question is what Suns’ management will put around him to help get the Suns back into the playoffs after six straight seasons on the bench for the postseason.