Derek Fisher working out, reportedly “expressing interest in playing again”


Derek Fisher’s coaching career didn’t exactly work out as he planned — Phil Jackson gave him a job, then canned him just before the All-Star Game this year.

So now Fisher is thinking about playing again. At age 42 (as of next week).

First, he posted this video on Facebook, with #‎imnotdoneyet next to it.

Then ESPN’s Ian Begley added this:

Sources told ESPN on Wednesday that Fisher has indeed been “exploring options and expressing interest in playing again.”

It is unclear what those options are, but Fisher returning to the NBA as a player after coaching in the league would be a rarity.

Marc Stein of ESPN adds Fisher is considering the NBA and China as options.

I’m glad Fisher is still working out and staying in shape, and I respect his legacy as a player and all his rings. Which is why I say:

Please don’t make an NBA comeback.

By the end of his 18-year NBA career, Fisher was considered a good leader in the locker room who could no longer offer much on the court. It’s hard to imagine that got better with him wearing a suit for a couple of years. If Fisher wants to pick up some checks playing is Spain/Italy/Turkey then go ahead. But at this point, why is an NBA team going to use an end-of-the-bench spot on him rather than a less expensive player they are trying to develop?

I don’t think even Phil Jackson is giving him another NBA gig.