Report: Cavaliers re-signing James Jones

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images
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James Jones has played in five straight NBA Finals, second-most outside the 1950s/60s Celtics:

Jones won’t catch his era’s leader next year, because his fate will remain tied to LeBron James.

Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports:

It sounds as if Jones will make the $1,551,659 minimum. However, because it’s a one-year deal, the Cavaliers will pay him and be taxed at just $980,431. (The NBA covers the difference).

Richard Jefferson replaced Jones as the aging combo veteran of choice last season, and Cleveland was better for it. Jefferson also returns, and the Cavs acquired Mike Dunleavy. So, Jones will likely get an even smaller role at age 36.

LeBron clearly likes Jones, who followed him from Miami to Cleveland. That’ll keep Jones employed. If he hits a few spot-up 3-pointers in limited minutes, all the better.