Guy Fieri says he recruited Kevin Durant to Warriors

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Mount Airy Casino Resort

The Warriors recruited Kevin Durant throughout the season, but Draymond Green said he took a break during the playoffs.

Apparently, Guy Fieri filled the void.

Fieri in a Q&A with First We Feast

I remember telling his agent during the Playoffs, “I know he’s coming up, you’ve gotta get him to Golden State.”

First We Feast: Wait a second—you predicted it would happen?

Fieri says: You can ask his agent, I said it to him during the Playoffs. I even have the text. I said, “It’s coming up, I want him, you gotta bring him.” And he was laughing—yeah, yeah, yeah—and he blew me off.

If Oklahomans have their way, this won’t be the only restaurant to close.