Jae Crowder told Kevin Durant Celtics’ gameplan to beat Warriors, mad Durant still chose Warriors

AP Photo/Steven Senne

Kevin Durant said he nearly picked the Celtics because they brought Tom Brady to their meeting.

Jae Crowder saw another reason Durant should’ve chosen Boston over the Warriors.

Crowder, via Tom Westerholm of MassLive:

“We were the only team in the NBA to beat both (Cleveland and Golden State) on their home court — the only team in the NBA, the Boston Celtics,” Crowder said. “We told him that. We played him clips from both games and told him basically the scouting report of how we guarded Steph (Curry) and Klay (Thompson) — our entire game plan, basically. That’s what made me mad. We (expletive) told him everything we do to beat these guys, and we beat them, and he went and joined them. … I felt like afterward, I was talking to Isaiah, like maybe after you sit back, you shouldn’t have told him everything, but who the (expletive) thought he was going to Golden State, realistically? It was like a slap in the face for us, basically.”

“That team is for sure the villain of the league,” Crowder said. “Every other NBA guy, friends of mine, are really disgusted from how the league is turning on that standpoint. Everybody is joining together, everybody wants to go to Golden State or Cleveland.”

And here we were thinking Durant took the easy way out by going to Golden State. Thankfully, he didn’t choose a real juggernaut like the Celtics, who — as Crowder noted — beat the Warriors and Cavaliers.

I’m glad Crowder cleared that up.