Brandon Ingram says he never missed a free throw in high school

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

A big knock on Brandon Ingram entering the draft: How could such a good shooter make just 116-of-170 (68%) of his free throws?

Ingram made 41% of his 3-pointers at Duke, but college free-throw shooting has been a historically good indicator of outside NBA shooting. That raises questions about how Ingram’s shooting will translate, though the consensus is still positive.

But Ingram, whom the Lakers drafted No. 2, insists taking a larger sample of his free throws paints a rosier picture.

Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports on Ingram’s high school career:

Legend had it that in four years, Ingram never missed a free throw. So? “Most definitely, that’s true,” Ingram said.

Never mind Kevin Durant saying Ingram is further along than the newest Warriors star was at the same age. This is far more inspiring — if true.

Unfortunately, high school stats are rarely kept strictly enough to verify. This is probably more fable than fact, but if Ingram wants to make the claim, that’s up to him.